Forever Grumpy...

Well hello there, it's been a while... again. It feels like lately I've just been stuck in the same funk of a grumpy mood and boy am I struggling to shake it off! Like the title of this blog post reads, forever grumpy is how I think I'll remain. A tad bit dramatic, maybe. But that is how I've been feeling. Everything is just so blah... you know? And that may be why I've disappeared from here for so long now. Trying to keep this space happy and positive is pretty hard to do when you aren't feeling it and I'm definitely not one for pretending, I have to do enough of that in real life and it's exhausting! It seems like the only thing (aside from hubs) that has been getting me through the days lately has listening to Lana Del Ray on repeat. Born to Die has become a sort of soundtrack to my moodiest of moods and in a sick, masochist sort of way, that's just how I like it. Who else can really belt out such soulful blues while sounding wonderfully seductive? So I've decided to just run with this vibe and vent on here. Please excuse (or join) me in this seemingly never ending pity party I've been holding out on you guys with... There's me, my grumpy mood, a frown (of course), and did I mention I've been paying homage to Lana in the bluesiest of ways possible. So much so that my voice is actually getting scratchy and hubs has become used to tuning me out. A tempting picture I just painted for you all, I know. What exactly is wrong though? Oh just about everything and nothing simultaneously of course. I have my suspicions about what might have triggered all this... and now I'm in so deep, feeling grumpy has become like a thick blanket I've wrapped around myself tightly and am clutching onto for dear life... peering skeptically at all the seemingly happy people out there. But have you ever had so many emotions, most of them extreme and borderline dangerous, surging through you at the same time leaving you confused as to if you should cry or be angry? That's me most of the time these days. And sometimes I'm able to kind of float out of my body and see myself through an outsiders perspective and I just start abruptly laughing. This laughter that comes from deep within my belly, straight from the soul and it just rushes out uncontrollably at sight of my state. Laughter that has been suppressed for so long that once it escapes it shakes me to my core and leaves me crying tears of relief. Like all this pent up emotion reached its maximum capacity in little old me and so I overflowed. Man, not even yoga and all the zen-ness can save me these days. And so in case you happen to encounter me these days, note the following: Flowers work ALWAYS, succulents too. Food can usually calm me down for as long as it takes to eat it and lucky for you, I'm a slow eater. Coffee is my drug fix. And Lana, well she can do no wrong can she? So consider yourselves warned and approach me (or don't) at your own risks. I'm hoping that by putting this all out there... you know, in the cyber universe and what not, that freeing it of my mind, body, and soul. I am tired and ready to move on... seriously I miss my usually happy self. Of course if you follow me on instagram, it's a totally different picture I've painted instead. But that my friends is the real beauty (or nightmare) of being able to curate... it's a slippery little thing. With all that said, I am putting myself to sleep with the hopes that tomorrow I will wake up on the other (right) side of the bed or whatever. We shall see how many flowers and succulents I acquire until this quits.

***Today I am thankful for (insert something uncynical here)***


A Very Belated Xmas Post...

 ^^^this little lady is the cutest!^^^
 ^^^love this girl!^^^
^^^little guy is getting old^^^

This is way beyond late... I mean I'm posting about Xmas well into the middle of February and who does that anyways?! Apparently I do because as well as being an avid procrastinator, I am also a creature of habit and felt like I couldn't move on without sharing some of my favorite tidbits from the holidays so here you go.

On a side note, sorry to have unexpectedly been absent from this space. Life got a little complicated last month and I've been coping with some stuff. It's a bit personal and I'm still debating whether or not I want to share it on here. I do want to keep this space honest but sometimes it takes a little time to work through things and it's easier done privately. Anyways, I am doing better now and hope to be posting more regularly again. I sure have been missing this space but sometimes you just have to lay low for a while, ya know? Hope you all have been well and looking forward to catching up!

***Today I am thankful for the chance to look back on these lovely memories... hope you enjoy them too!***


Schnebly's Winery...

earrings: madewell / lipstick: revlon (british red) / necklace: madewell / blazer: j.crew / tee: hanes from target / stacked rings: beacon's closet / initial ring: urban outfitters / nails: essie (good as gold) / jeans: 7 for all mankind / shoes: dv by dolce vita from tj maxx (similar

So for those of you unaware, February is the new January in my book folks. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that between work, parties, holidays, traveling, and everything else that seems to have been crammed smack in the middle between the end of December and now, I am no where near ready for the new year to begin. And while I know it has officially started, officially it won't start in my head until February for sanity purposes. Because how can I be asked to plow on into 2014 when I'm still not done sharing Christmas?! And don't even get me started on new goals because that might cause a slight panic attack. So please allow me to carry on in this state of denial and enjoy the next few Christmas related posts. After all, who is ready, really, to let go of the holidays? I still have my decorations and tree up... oh, is that just me?!

Ramble... ramble... ramble...

While home in Miami for the holidays, hubs and I got to go back to Schnebly's Winery where believe it or not, over three years ago we shared one of the most special days of our relationship to date... our wedding! Three years have flown by in the blink on an eye and it's just crazy! Standing in the exact same spot where we said our vows was pretty special. There we were again... two individuals just as in love but oh so much the wiser... more patient and compassionate towards each other's needs that only years of marriage could have taught us. Looking back at some of our wedding day pictures, we look like babies! How much difference three little years can make and the amount of adventures that we have been on since then, I could have never in my wildest dreams predicted. The winery itself mirrored us. At a glance it looked at felt the same. Familiar in a comfortable and inviting way. But it too has flourished and grown. They have now expanded beyond wine and have ventured into brewing local craft beer. Could it be anymore perfect for us?! I love that they have kept their theme of tropical fruit infused tastes and spices. I can honestly say that everything they make, from the wines to the beers taste and smell of Miami. Fruity, sweet, and tangy which goes down smooth on hot sticky nights. We did the beer tasting to try all four of their new flavors (which they give pretty generous amounts of each) followed by a pint of you choosing. My favorite was the citrusy Shark Bait while hubs preferred the thick and hoppy Vice IPA.

We spent the day reminiscing with my parents and little k, washing down some tasty hot dogs with the wine and beer of our choosing. Moments like these really have me wishing we lived closer to family. I never really understood or felt the need to live close to home since I left at 18 for college. As I'm getting older and especially since I've started my own family with hubs, the pulls and yearns for family have grown. I didn't realize it then, but even living in London close to hub's family filled a need I wasn't even aware of. Anyways, I've rambled of topic... which was supposed to be winery specific. I think we'll try and make it a point to visit this little gem of a place whenever we go back home. It really is one of Miami's best kept secrets (for now) so I urge you to go visit if you're ever in the neighborhood!

***Today I am thankful we got to go back to our special place... so many happy memories***


Impromptu Photo Booth...

^^^the lugo family^^^
^^^little k^^^
^^^sissy love^^^
^^^my faves!^^^
^^^the beales^^^

Greetings from Miami! Sorry for the unexpected silence around these parts, it seems like life after Thanksgiving just sped on by! Between work, xmas gift shopping, buying our first big tree, baking non stop, packing, flying, celebrating, eating, drinking (hello mulled wine!), and just simply napping it out, I may have forgotten about this little space just a tad bit. But I have to admit, it has felt really great to put all technology (ok not all, I've still been instagraming) on hold for a while and really soak in all the festivities. I just thought I'd pop in to share a few photos from an impromptu photobooth that I had the brilliant idea of installing at this years noche buena, aka xmas eve. Of course none of this would have possible without the help of hubs (the camera guy), my dad (the light guy), and little k (our first test subject)... so thank you guys!!! And also thank you all you lovely readers for letting me share a little piece of what has made this a truly special xmas. Hope you and your loved ones had as merry of a time as I did. Be back soon with some more holiday posts. But until then, you can probably find me curled up in a blanket with a warm glass of homemade mulled wine.

***Today I am thankful for the creative minds that helped make this photobooth a success... it's also those same minds that put up with my genius ideas***
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